Pogo Progress.


Pogo Progress enhances any educator’s performance and helps children learn.
Create personalised curriculums to assist your planning, teaching and assessments.
Pogo provides educators with the knowledge and confidence to enhance and broaden their teaching practises.
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POGO Progress for Tutors.

Plan. Teach. Assess. Repeat.

Assessment is key to students’ progress; assessment is essential for schools and teachers to be outstanding. Pogo Progress allows you to be outstanding in all areas.

Pogo Progress provides you with the tools to be organised and outstanding in all areas. Centralise your practice, communication and assessment to improve your overall performance as a tutor. Our intelligent data analysis clearly displays areas of strength and areas to develop, saving you time with your planning and reporting; in turn allowing you to increase your performance and work faster.

Tutor Benefits
  • Reduced admin; quick and easy recording
  • Complete assessment on the move
  • Support and guidance with planning
  • Develop your curriculum confidence and teach new year groups
  • Save and store your teaching resources
  • Photograph your student’s work and activities
  • Access our exam database with answers
  • Track and monitor your student’s progress
  • Communicate with your clients via instant messenger

POGO Progress for Early Years Foundation Stage.

Express. Assess. Progress.

Pogo is a child centred assessment tool created by EYFS practitioners. We have carefully formulated and streamlined the daily jobs you complete whilst guiding your class on their learning journey. Quickly capture, assess and reflect on a child’s learning. Attach WOW moments and key milestone achievements to contribute to their own published, hardback learning journal.

Enhance your school’s assessment monitoring and use a product designed for teachers, by teachers. Pogo will improve your department’s productivity through time saving and intelligent processes. We have carefully reviewed the daily practises of early years practitioners and have generated time saving processes presented in an engaging user interface. Our intelligent and well-presented data systems allow for quick and easy analysis.

  • Monetizable learning journal books that subsidises your Pogo fees
  • Improve your department’s productivity and well-being
  • Streamlined observation process
  • Intelligent and flexible data analysis
  • Quick and easy data migration
  • Parent portal; with control settings
  • Consolidate your school’s planning and teaching resources
  • Present progress data reports to Governors, Local Authorities and Ofsted
  • Admin controls

Supporting Schools.

Assess. Analyse. Achieve.

Pogo Progress is an impressive and flexible system that allows your school to identify strengths and gaps in your students’ learning. The goal: to support your students’ education! Pogo’s intelligent data analysis system allows you to compare, contrast and present data from the weekly, termly or annually summative assessments. Turn your daily formative assessments into meaningful data to support your curriculum coverage and students’ targets.

Streamline your assessment monitoring. Centralise your assessment programme. Encourage and present progress. Pogo Progress allows your teachers to complete quick, daily formative assessments against your learning objectives; creating meaningful data from their daily observations and marking. Store, monitor and analyse your school’s summative assessment and performance data. Let Pogo present the outstanding achievements in your school!

  • Easy to upload and save your summative assessment data
  • Intelligent and flexible data analysis
  • Reduced admin for teachers
  • Complete quick and easy formative assessment
  • Consistent curriculum coverage tracking
  • Clearly identify areas to develop for year groups, classes, support groups and individuals
  • Compose, edit and publish progress reports
  • Parent portal with control settings
  • Consolidate your school’s planning
  • Set, assign and mark your student’s work
  • Future proof your school’s assessments, reports, resources, planning and teaching
  • Present progress data reports to Governors and Ofsted
POGO has been amazing for us – it has helped our organisation, communication, teaching standards and encouraged growth.
Clare Thomson, Headway Tutors